Services We Provide

The 50,000 flies we carry are shipped all over the USA. We also carry some
local patterns used anywhere. They can be purchased from our store or by
mail. A list of stores that carry our flies can be found at the fishing flies page
in this web site.  Our fly list is available free in this site.
We carry a large selection of fly tying material which can be purchased from
our store or by mail from our catalog. Our catalog is available free.

We only ship in the USA. We can direct you to a business that exports our
products if you request it.

We raise and sell genetic hackle for fly tying.  

We have white goats that we raise for kid goat hair.  They are Saanen crossed
with cashmere (which are known for their long hair).  We had some boar goat
crosses also. We are now raising Fainting Goats for marketing as pets. They
are smaller then other goats and do not try to escape like other goats. They
are not as jumpy and easier to handle. They are more resistant to other goat
problems. As we grow we will ad photos.