We have Icelandic sheep hair for sale . We do have Icelandic hair in more than 19 dyed
colors available for fly tying and crafts.

Icelandic hair is up to 10 inches long. It is great for salt water patterns and long muskie
flies.  The hair makes very nice tandems. It is also called streamer hair.

We also buy other colors of Icelandic hair, so the picture of colors is constantly changing.
Our catalog will have the most up to date colors available.

The material packaged for fly tiers is not recommended for the doll hair craft. The dyed
material has a hard dry skin because acid dyes, and heat are used.

We do have (Icelandic sheep hair)troll doll hair in white only, on soft tanned
skin.  Skin pieces are about 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch.   Should be cold dyed to
keep the skin soft.
Icelandic sheep