left: brown
right: gray
there is also a red

Three tails of different shades.
We specialize in grouse skins. They are called partridge in this area. Hunters bring           
us the feathers so that we can supply fly tiers and craft manufacturers. Select skins,      
craft skins tails, wings, and body feathers are all available.
The body feathers are used for nymph legs and wet fly hackle. The breast feathers        
are light ginger in color. The black collar feathers are used as spay feathers. The back
feathers have an eye design. We use them for wet hackle and eyes for tandem checks.
The wing cover feathers are used for a western nymph. The secondary wing quills are
marked with a brownish tint. They are used for wet fly wings. The primary wing quills    
can be used like biots for small patterns. The tail feathers are our favorite for dry fly
caddis wings. We lacquer the quills. After they are dry, I cut a section of fibers from    
one side of the stem. I tie the tip of the section flat at the head. The fiber section will       
be flat over the back of the fly. At the tail end of the fly I cut a V. The feather has very
realistic caddis  coloration. The after shaft feathers are dark dun and perfect for fuzzy
nymphs. The head is ideal for small wet flies.
Craft specialists are always surprising us with what they make. Some even photograph  
the feathers and use them in framed pictures.
We sell full skins, tails, wings, and loose feathers of Grouse. Regular grouse tails from
grays and browns are $4.50 @. Large grouse tails are $5.95 @ per 12 loose feathers for
$2.75. Grouse wings are $1.99 per pair. Regular skins are $12.00 @. Select skins are
$15.95. Red phases cost more . Prices as of 2020.

We do wholesale grouse skins to shops, but not the red phase because they are so rare.