We have been raising chickens for over 35 years.  These birds are bred for their feathers.  Having tied
flies for  over 54 years has made it possible for me to improve the quality of feathers we use and raise.  
We sell neck and saddle hackle.  Grades, colors, and prices are available from our catalog.

    Roosters we raise are for dry fly use. Hens we raise are used for wet flies and nymphs.
We have been raising dry fly roosters with long saddles that salons use for hair extensions.  We do
have some packaged feathers by length for salons and tiers that want only long feathers.  


Theriault Line:  These birds I have crossed for over 35 years.  They have excellent dry fly
quality necks and saddles. There is an assortment of natural colors. Our birds can produce most
natural colors including duns.

Our Dry Fly Saddles are sold by feather length:
8-12 inches $50
12 + inches  $65  
the really long saddles sell out and are not usually available
Dry fly rooster necks: $24.95 - $45.00 each                                            Chicken Wings $2.95 per pair
Wet fly hen necks: from $11.95 - $20.00                                               Chicken Tails $2.95 each clump
Hen saddles: from $7.99 - $15.00 each                                                    Chicken Leg sets $3.00 each set
                                                                                                            Chicken breast pieces $1.99 each
                                                                                                                  Chickabou plate $2.99 each
We also have assorted chicken feathers used in all types of crafts.