We raise some of the fly tying material we use and sell.  For years we have hatched       
and raised our own hackle for fly tying.

SELECT jungle cock necks $135.00     #1  $120.00     Lower grades sold only in the
We have raised many natural colors of guineas. We sell loose feathers,
patches or full skins natural and dyed.                 
Our daughter, Holly, raised rabbits for many years. This provided us                              
with a large selection of rabbit fur for fly tying.

My wife, Connie, raised llamas for their fiber which is used as dubbing
material. The fiber has also been spun into yarn for fly body material.
We raised cashmere goats for fly tying fibers. Once we had a supply of cashmere we
went back to raising white goats for the kid goat hair. We now raise Fainting Goats.
Our  farm raised Icelandic sheep to add to our fly tying materials.
They are a sheep with very long hair. We had mostly white sheep which allows dyeing of   
many colors for tying materials.

Our customers who visit our store have always been treated to Connie's large        
perennial garden.    

We also have a large selection of mineral rocks and lapidary material.  Connie has been
making some jewelry and has them available in our retail store. We also carry assorted
other jewelry.
Connie has added sea shells from all over the world. We bought a 70 year old collection
to sell in our store.
Our rock selections continues to grow.